Doug McCleary: Celebrant, Officiant, Musician

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Aviation - I Give Rides!
wanted to fly from my childhood.  My father taught me the principles of aerodynamics by the time I was 6---Bernouli's and Newton's Laws.  I built model airplanes...took a couple helicopter flights...flew on airlines.  After college I took some flying lessons but discontinued them due to cost.
Finally, in 1999, I realized my dream and began flying hang gliders.  Here I am launching from Oceanside, Oregon.
I continue to fly hang gliders to this day.  In 2004 I added "Trikes" to my flying...purchasing, in 2006, the trike I fly now--my "Cosmos Phase II."
I earned my Sport Pilot's license flying "Weight Shift Control Light Sport Aircraft" in 2007 and have acquired over 400 hours of flying time.
I love to give rides and introduce people to the joy of flying. Contact me to discuss a ride and/or arrange a time.
Getting ready for a Sunny Fall Trike Ride... 
 We're off...let's go find some hawks and eagles to play with...
 The view from the air...
Happy Passengers after their flights.