Doug McCleary: Celebrant, Officiant, Musician


I took my first piano lesson at 6.  Wrote my first song when I was 11.  Picked up the bass guitar when I was 12. Earned my Bachelors Degree in Music and Religious Studies in 1984.  Over the years I have played in numerous bands, worked as a studio musician, engineer and producer, accompanied and led choirs, and played music for churches, weddings, funerals and various backyard parties and events.  I currently play keyboards for the increasingly popular Portland pop dance band "NW Sugar Shakers," (check out our upcoming performance schedule), blues and soul band "Homebrew" as well as subbing on bass guitar with "Michele Drey and Branded" and "Country Backroads."  I have previously played with the Chris Loid Band, City Nights and Rodeo Rose, all from the Portland area.

I also occasionally perform as a musician for funerals, both when I officiate the service, or just to play and sing.  I know and can perform most of the "standard" repertoire for funerals (well-known hymns, The Lord's Prayer, Ave Maria, etc.) and am willing to learn (quickly) most any other song a family may desire for a service.  Send me an email or call to inquire about rates and/or availability.

 To inquire about live sound and small sound system rental, please visit the Live Sound page of this website.